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Educational Guardianship

What is an educational guardian?

An educational guardian is someone international students can turn to, to assist them while they pursue their studies. Many Irish schools and universities require international families to nominate an educational guardian who will represent their child and act in their best interests for the duration of their studies and crucially be there in the case of an emergency.

Depending on the kind of programme chosen, Godsil Education can assist students with:

  • Immigration registration
  • Airport transfers
  • Finding a warm and welcoming local host family to stay with in Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Purchasing uniform and school-books
  • Attending parent-teacher meetings
  • Extra tuition
  • Lots more!

Who does Godsil Education offer educational guardianship to?

We work with international students and their families from all over the world, who want to study in Irish high schools – boarding schools and day-schools – and universities. We also offer guardianship to students on short-stay programmes and work placements. 

Will the student ever stay with the educational guardian?

No, the students will stay with host families, organised by Godsil Education. All our host families are police-vetted, experienced with international students and super-warm and welcoming!

High School Programme

Is there a minimum level of English that students applying for the high school programme should have?

Junior cycle (years 1-3/ ages 12-15): Elementary level is accepted but additional support is recommended. We would also advise an intensive course before students start their High School Programmes.

Senior cycle (years 4-6 / ages 15-18): For entrance into 4th year in the Senior Cycle, we recommend an intermediate level of English (B1). For the 5th or 6th year students should at least have an upper intermediate level of English (B2) as the studies are more demanding at these stages.

Will there be any academic entrance exam for high school students?

No, there is no academic entrance exam for students, but the Principal of the school may wish to interview the student on Skype before enrolment is confirmed.

How do students get their school uniforms and books?

Students don’t have to do anything. We will purchase the uniform and books for our high school students before arrival; we just need the student’s measurements (Height, Chest, Waist and Inside leg). The uniform and books will be paid from the Expenses Fund.

When can students choose their subjects?

With regard to the subjects we will send out further details in June and will then of course help our high school students to make the best decisions for their subjects.

Can students get additional English classes?

Yes, of course, extra English language tuition can be arranged at an additional cost, just get in touch.

Should students bring their own money?

Yes, students have to bring their own money. We recommend that parents get a debit card 
for their child which they can deposit funds on a weekly or monthly basis. We do not hand cash to students under any circumstances.

Can students purchase insurance through Godsil Education?

Yes, students can buy insurance through us.


Visa required studentsNon-visa required students
Visa required students must have private medical insurance (in English) which they can either organise themselves or book through us at an extra cost of €100 per term or €150 per year.We strongly recommend that all students
take out private medical/travel insurance. All European students must apply for the European Health Insurance Card prior to coming to Ireland and provide details of this prior to arrival.

How far from the school will day students live?

We try to place the students as close as possible to the school. They can be either within walking distance or a short bus ride away (maximum 30 minutes). Students that need a bus can travel by Dublin Bus for a reasonable fare. We can purchase a student travel card for them and give it to them on arrival with permission from the parents.

Are there any extra costs involved for the Transition Year (TY)?

Yes, some schools apply an extra cost to cover the additional activities that occur during this year. As the TY is a year that is more cultural, students will be taken on day trips or on an annual camping trip, so there might be additional fees that usually range from €250 – €500. Just check with us!

When do students receive the pre-arrival information and what does it include?

The pre-arrival information is sent out once the student’s family has paid the first instalment and is officially enrolled on our programme. Students and parents will receive a handbook, which gives advice and guidelines on:  

  • What to expect from the programme
  • Ireland and the weather 

  • Information about mobile phone providers and suggestions for this 

  • Information about public transport and the student travel card 

  • What to pack 

  • What items the student will need to bring 
with them from home for school 

  • How the student will get their uniform and books on arrival
  • Protocol around airport transfers
  • Protocol around curfews and socialising 

  • Protocol while staying with a homestay family 

  • Expectations for participation from the student
  • What happens on the first day of school 

  • What happens during half-terms and school 

  • Emergency numbers for the parents and students and the role of the educational guardian and how we support students throughout their stay

What do students do during the school holidays?

During the holidays the schools are closed and there are no activities organised for the students but camps are run externally by different companies and we are happy to arrange possible options in consultation with the student and the families closer to the time. Any additional costs can be paid for using the Expenses Fund. 
Please note that our High School Programme includes accommodation during half-term holidays but it does not include accommodation during Easter and Christmas holidays. If a student would like to stay during Christmas and Easter periods, just get in touch to let us know so we can discuss the different options and costs involved.

Will students be able to go back into their home school?

Yes, we will arrange the convalidation documents to transition back into the home school within 6-8 weeks after finishing their high school stay in Ireland.

How much is the expenses fund?

On confirmation of enrolment, we ask the family for an Expenses Fund of €1,000. We
 pay for uniform, books and extracurricular activities from this Fund. All remaining monies are returned to the family within 1 month of the student’s departure. If funds become low, a request for a supplement will be sent. Please be assured that no major payments will be made without parental permission.

How many times do you report to families per year?

We aim to visit the student once a week for the first four weeks and monthly thereafter. We are constantly in touch with our high school students and provide regular pastoral updates to parents through emails, text messages and phone calls. We also attend the official parent- teacher meetings on behalf of the parent and will of course send parents a report afterwards. If parents need any more information on how their child is doing, just get in touch and we are happy to help!

Is the certification of an Irish high school (the Leaving Certificate) recognised in other countries?

Yes, the Leaving Certificate qualification is internationally recognized for all degree programmes at Irish, UK, US and European universities.