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High School Guardianship

If you are sending your son or daughter to an Irish secondary school, all schools will require you to nominate an Irish-based guardian who is responsible for your child and who will act in the best interests of your child for the duration of their stay. Parents who do not have a friend or family member who live in Ireland often turn to the services of a guardianship organisation such as Godsil Education.

As educational guardians, Godsil Education provides support to international students and their families. We provide peace of mind and varying levels of practical support, depending on what each family requires

Plus Boarding Programme

For students attending a boarding school and provides a very comprehensive programme of support.

What's included?

  • Initial Skype introduction, registration and dedicated professional contact throughout the year
  • Welcome at the airport by Godsil Education representative
  • Selecting a dedicated Homestay family to take care of the student during times when the school is closed
  • Carrying out all police-vetting in relation the appointed to Homestay family and Drivers
  • One orientation visit to the student during the first month and at least one other visit throughout the year
  • Regular contact throughout the year, calling and texting to check in with the student
  • Management of all travel arrangements to and from the school for Boarder Weekends, half-terms, holidays
  • 24/7 phone number for the student and family for any emergency that arises (e.g. travel disruption, medical or school-related issues)

Custom Boarding Programme

A lighter touch programme of support for the more independent student.

What's included?

  • The nomination of Godsil Education as your educational guardians for the duration of your child’s studies
  • Access to our office during business hours
  • Access to our 24/7 phone line for emergency cover
  • One orientation visit to the student on arrival

Day School Programme

A higher level of support as we work closely with the natural parents and hand in hand with the host family and school on a weekly basis to ensure the student gets the most from their experience.

What's included?


  • Selecting a caring and warm Irish family close to the school and organisation of  all police-checks on your behalf
  • Carrying out all police-vetting in relation the appointed to Homestay family and Drivers
  • We order and organise all school-books, uniform and sporting equipment and we liaise with the school to make sure you have all you need to start school
  • We set up an Expense Fund to pay for the inevitable school expenses that arise during your stay
  • We organise a student travel card, a mobile phone SIM card and a Welcome Pack to give you when you arrive
  • We Skype you before you arrive to answer any questions before your adventure begins.

Your time in Ireland

  • Welcome at the airport by Godsil Education representative
  • Weekly visits in the first four weeks
  • Monthly visits after the first four weeks
  • Emergency phone number 24/7
  • Chaperone for any medical appointments
  • Attendance at parent-teacher meetings and full reports for parents
  • Regular reporting to parents throughout your stay
  • Organisation of transfers during holidays and half-term breaks


  • We make sure you have the necessary convalidation documents to transition back into school in your home country.
  • We bring you back to the airport at the end of your stay in Ireland and see you safely through security.