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High School Programme

An Irish secondary-school education ensures students reach the English language and academic standard required by world-renowned universities – across Ireland, the UK, Europe, America and beyond.

In Ireland, students can choose between day schools and boarding schools and we offer both public (non fee-paying) and private (fee-paying) options across these two choices.

Single sex education is still very popular in Ireland, so there are many girls-only and boys-only schools to choose from, which prove very popular with our international students. Of course, there are also co-educational or ‘mixed’ schools, where boys and girls attend school together.

Ireland has a worldwide reputation for high quality education

Day Schools

If a student chooses to attend a day school, they will stay with a host family. The host family will live locally to the school within commutable distance by public transport. Classes will begin between 8:30am and 9:00am and finish between 3:30pm and 4:00pm.

Most day schools will offer extra-curricular activities (sport, music and drama, debating etc.) after classes finish in the afternoon and students are encouraged to take part!

Read more about our host families.

Boarding Schools

If a student chooses to attend a boarding school, they will sleep and live on the same campus as the school, along with other boarding students, closely supervised by members of the school staff. There are approximately 26 boarding schools in Ireland, most of them considered among the best schools in the country.

All activities: eating, attending class, extra-curricular activities, sleeping, take place within the boarding school. Students will live there for the whole duration of the academic year. During the holidays and during times when the boarding school closes, we place international students with one of our caring Irish host families.

The Student Placement Process

We have a 100% success rate in placing students in our partner schools. We guide families through the process from selection to enrolment and manage all the paperwork involved. We study the profiles of the students and ensure the student is matched to the school and the school is matched to the student as best we can in all cases.

If you are interested in our High School Programme or if have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We meet all parents or those representing parents on Skype for an introductory meeting so we can begin to build a profile of the student to inform the next stage.

Using our knowledge of the schools, we match the student profile with a selection of suitable school options. We provide detailed school profiles and associated school fees for review.

Some families wish to travel to Ireland and visit the schools in person before a decision is made. We set up appointments with the School Principals on behalf of the families and accompany the families to the schools to make the necessary introductions.

We administer all the paperwork and manage the process from school application until confirmation of placement. Each school has different procedures and we act as the liaison between families and schools to ensure a smooth placement.

Once the school deposit is paid and the student is enrolled in the school, we advise on subject choices and levels. We also ensure the family receives all the information they need (school booklist, uniform list, extracurricular programme, school calendar, school policies etc.) to ensure a seamless educational experience.