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Host Families Explained

In advance of their arrival to Ireland (usually in July for a September start or in December for a January start), students will receive a full profile of their Irish family: their ages, professions, interests and hobbies and details about their home. We understand and know from experience that the right host family is probably the most critical factor to the success of the student’s experience here in Ireland! Students and their families usually Skype to say ‘hello’ to each other when they receive the Irish family’s profile. This is really very important and usually helps everyone feel more at ease and excited about the year ahead.

Our host families are our partners and we have been working with them for many years as they understand that being an international student away from home is not easy! They care for our students, make them feel part of the family and look after them as they pursue their studies a long way away from their own family. Our host families live in nice, safe suburbs, close to our partner schools. We are also obliged by law to carry out police checks on each family member aged 16 or above in the household, which Godsil Education undertakes.

Students who are attending day schools will be matched with one of our experienced host families according to their preferences.

Boarder Weekends

Many boarding schools in Ireland close during the year for what are called ‘Boarder Weekends’ or ‘Exeat Weekends’. These are in addition to the half-term holidays in October and February each year.

During the Boarder Weekends and any holidays required, the international boarding students stay with one of our caring host families. All our host families are experienced and very welcoming. They treat the students as part of the family and look after them while the school is closed. They will get their own bedroom, all meals and be included in the family’s schedule.

Many students like the Boarder Weekends as it gives them a rest from the school campus and it allows them to experience Irish family life and culture. We organise all vetting of families and all transfers to and from the school to the families. Families receive all the Irish host family details in advance and can contact them at any time. Many of our past boarding students still stay in contact with their host family in Ireland and great friendships have blossomed as a result.