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Taxi Transfer – Terms & Conditions

As per our terms and conditions, taxi transfers in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland cost €80 (* £70 sterling for Campbell students) each way.
Please note if you are enrolled on the High School programme, your first and last transfers only are complimentary.

Any taxi transfers required before 09:00 am or after 09:00 pm (Irish time) will be subject to an additional charge of €50 (* £40 sterling for Campbell students) per transfer.

When departing and returning to Ireland/Northern Ireland, our Godsil Education drivers will be on hand to transfer the student safely from/to the airport or from/to your homestay, school or student accommodation. Our drivers are very experienced dealing with students and are fully vetted. They act as the guardian at the airport for minors when flying out of the country signing documents.

Please note if the driver has not received the student within 90 minutes of either pick up location or flight arrival time, a €55 (*£50 sterling for Campbell students) per hour fee will be charged.

If you do not wish to use our transfer service, we will accept your alternative transfer arrangements on the specific conditions that Godsil Education will not take any responsibility for the transfer of the student to/from the school/host family/ student accommodation or to/from the airport including delays, breakdowns, injury, loss, theft or any other issues that may occur due to this alternative transfer.

Educational guardianship for the student will not be in force during this period if alternative transfer arrangements have been made for the student.